Package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.std

Contains public standard implementations of abstraction that Jackson uses.


Class Summary
CollectionDeserializer Basic serializer that can take JSON "Array" structure and construct a Collection instance, with typed contents.
ContainerDeserializerBase<T> Intermediate base deserializer class that adds more shared accessor so that other classes can access information about contained (value) types
DateDeserializers Container class for core JDK date/time type deserializers.
DateDeserializers.DateDeserializer Simple deserializer for handling Date values.
DateDeserializers.SqlDateDeserializer Compared to plain old Date, SQL version is easier to deal with: mostly because it is more limited.
DateDeserializers.TimestampDeserializer Simple deserializer for handling Timestamp values.
DateDeserializers.TimeZoneDeserializer As per [JACKSON-522], also need special handling for TimeZones
EnumDeserializer Deserializer class that can deserialize instances of specified Enum class from Strings and Integers.
EnumDeserializer.FactoryBasedDeserializer Deserializer that uses a single-String static factory method for locating Enum values by String id.
EnumMapDeserializer Deserializer for EnumMap values.
EnumSetDeserializer Standard deserializer for EnumSets.
FromStringDeserializer<T> Base class for simple deserializers that only accept JSON String values as the source.
JacksonDeserializers Container class for core Jackson type deserializers.
JacksonDeserializers.JavaTypeDeserializer Deserializer for JavaType values.
JacksonDeserializers.JsonLocationInstantiator For JsonLocation, we should be able to just implement ValueInstantiator (not that explicit one would be very hard but...)
JacksonDeserializers.TokenBufferDeserializer We also want to directly support deserialization of TokenBuffer.
JdkDeserializers.InetAddressDeserializer As per [JACKSON-484], also need special handling for InetAddress...
JdkDeserializers.LocaleDeserializer Kept protected as it's not meant to be extensible at this point
JdkDeserializers.StringDeserializer Note: final as performance optimization: not expected to need sub-classing; if sub-classing was needed could re-factor into reusable part, final "Impl" sub-class
JsonNodeDeserializer Deserializer that can build instances of JsonNode from any JSON content, using appropriate JsonNode type.
MapDeserializer Basic serializer that can take Json "Object" structure and construct a Map instance, with typed contents.
NumberDeserializers Container class for deserializers that handle core JDK primitive (and matching wrapper) types, as well as standard "big" numeric types.
NumberDeserializers.BigIntegerDeserializer This is bit trickier to implement efficiently, while avoiding overflow problems.
NumberDeserializers.NumberDeserializer For type Number.class, we can just rely on type mappings that plain JsonParser.getNumberValue() returns.
ObjectArrayDeserializer Basic serializer that can serialize non-primitive arrays.
PrimitiveArrayDeserializers Container for deserializers used for instantiating "primitive arrays", arrays that contain non-object java primitive types.
StdDeserializer<T> Base class for common deserializers.
StdKeyDeserializer Base class for simple key deserializers.
StdKeyDeserializers Helper class used to contain simple/well-known key deserializers.
StdScalarDeserializer<T> Base class for deserializers that handle types that are serialized as JSON scalars (non-structured, i.e.
StdValueInstantiator Default ValueInstantiator implementation, which supports Creator methods that can be indicated by standard Jackson annotations.
StringCollectionDeserializer Specifically optimized version for Collections that contain String values; reason is that this is a very common type and we can make use of the fact that Strings are final.
ThrowableDeserializer Deserializer that builds on basic BeanDeserializer but override some aspects like instance construction.
UntypedObjectDeserializer Deserializer implementation that is used if it is necessary to bind content of "unknown" type; something declared as basic Object (either explicitly, or due to type erasure).

Package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.std Description

Contains public standard implementations of abstraction that Jackson uses. This means that they are not merely implementation details, but part of semi-public interface where project tries to maintain backwards compatibility at higher level than for 'impl' types (although less so than with fully public interfaces).

Note that since this package was only added relatively late in development cycle, not all classes that belong here are included. Plan is to move more classes over time.

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