Annotation Type JsonTypeId

public @interface JsonTypeId

Marker annotation that can be used on a property accessor (field, getter or setter, constructor parameter) to indicate that the property is to contain type id to use when including polymorphic type information. Annotation should only be used if the intent is to override generation of standard type id: if so, value of the property will be accessed during serialization and used as the type id.

On deserialization annotation has no effect, as visibility of type id is governed by value of JsonTypeInfo.visible(); properties with this annotation get no special handling.

On serialization, this annotation will exclude property from being serialized along other properties; instead, its value is serialized as the type identifier. Since type identifier may be included in various places, it may still appear like 'normal' property (when using JsonTypeInfo.As.PROPERTY), but is more commonly embedded in a different place, as per inclusion rules (see JsonTypeInfo for details).


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